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Apps for Latter-day Saints

LDS Sing-Along 2

Sing along to your favorite Church songs (or learn new ones) with LDS Sing-Along 2!

Now you can get carried away with the bouncing ball that highlights the lyrics of Church songs in time with the music! Featuring beautiful pictures and intuitive interface design, LDS Sing-Along 2 is the perfect accompaniment to FHE, Church lessons, and scripture reading.

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LDS Daily Verse 2015

Be empowered every day with an inspiring scripture, thought-provoking conference quote, sacred hymn or children’s song, and motivating video. Easily share these uplifting messages with your friends and keep track of your favorites for later!

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LDS art, photos, and illustrations at your fingertips!

Use LDS Art during FHE and Primary lessons, as a part of scripture study, or as an aid to help children focus on the Savior during Sacrament meeting. However you use it, this app is an essential part of any Latter-day Saint’s app toolbox!

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LDS Coloring Book

Get ready to let your creativity flow as you color beautiful illustrations of Gospel scenes and topics!

In LDS Coloring Book you can color with crayons or tap to fill shapes. Zoom in and out. You can even choose to magically stay within the lines as you color! The free version of the app offers one coloring book as a gift. 16 additional coloring books are available for individual purchase, or you can upgrade to receive every coloring book!

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LDS Scripture Stories

Share the faith and strength you find in the scriptures with your children!

LDS Scripture Stories brings together beautiful artwork, abridged accounts from the scriptures, and dramatized narration to create a compelling experience that the whole family will enjoy.

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LDS Gospel Videos

Enjoy the ABC’s of the Gospel through inspiring art, music and official Church videos!

LDS Gospel Videos provides a playful interface for your family to learn about Gospel topics for every letter of the alphabet (the free version of the app includes A, B, and C) to instruct and uplift. Skip surfing through YouTube when you can confidently enjoy the safe environment of LDS Gospel Videos!

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LDS Scripture Videos

Now introducing the ABC’s of the Scriptures!

LDS Scripture Videos allows your family to explore, enjoy and share official Church videos in a safe environment. The free version of the app includes topics that start with A, B, and C. You can upgrade to the full version to unlock the entire alphabet, adding more than 130 additional videos!

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